Looking for the support, accountability, and inspiration you must have to live the life you never thought possible?

Join an intimate group of women (+men) who are ready to write the next chapter of their lives. Led by Sheri Salata (former Executive Producer of The Oprah Show and best-selling author) you’ll finally have the mentorship and guidance you’ve hoped for that will help you step into the abundance and fulfillment of your dreams.

Moment by moment, day in and out, the world is reflecting back to you the stories you repeat to yourself on autopilot.

You are the author and the storyteller and ultimately the experiencer of that creation, the good, the thrilling, the painful, and the downright awful. All of it.

As a 7-eleven store manager turned Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show, I thought my “against the odds” story was already written. At fifty-six years old, I found myself ready and willing to rewrite almost every single story of my life. And it will be, until the end of my days, a work in progress, but that intent and focus has taken my life in a wondrous new direction. 

Victoria W.

Thinking of you all with an incredibly grateful heart because I am not the same woman I was when we entered this group. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! to all my soul friends in here who have loved, encouraged, supported, and laughed with me. My cup has runneth over!

Nicole M.

That is what I have yearned for my entire life - to go home to myself, to let go of the quest to be whomever I feel I need to be- to connect with others and belong, and to quite simply, belong to myself. I am so grateful for the caring, supportive and inspiring women in this community to finally find my way home, to me.

Margo B.

It has become VERY clear to me that I CAN NOT do this alone! And why would I? If the gift is offered to be a part of the connection we have formed in a safe trusted circle, well….I want to be in 100%.

Now is the time. Now. 

Not 'someday' that turns into maybe never. NOW.



At 56 years old I realized I had manifested the career of my dreams (Executive Producer of The Oprah Show) but not the life of my dreams. I chronicled all of this in my best-selling memoir, The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence and Transformation. Since then, I’ve committed to living my life on the path of transformation. I’ve become a trustworthy steward of my own well being as I focus on the question that guides my life ~ in how many ways can I rise? That’s why I’ve founded The Support System. To bring people who may have lost hope into a system of support + upliftment so they can dial up the joy + re-imagine the next part of their lives.


I created The Support System to be a safe haven of friendship, inspiration and tangible forward motion...a powerful community where you can find support like no other and actually make real progress on the dreams you’ve held in your heart. Dreams like ….

  • Feeling good in your body once and for all
  • Manifesting financial abundance
  • Declaring your personal freedom
  • Designing meaningful, invigorating work
  • Creating honest fulfilling relationships
  • Deepening your spiritual life
  • Designing a more joyful life experience
  • Learning how to transcend the past and build the future you were beginning to believe was impossible.

What you’ll get inside

The Support System:

Monthly LIVE Workshop with Sheri

A Monthly LIVE Interactive Workshop with founder, Sheri Salata, focusing on the theme of the month. We'll be face-to-face on zoom!

Monthly LIVE Session with World Renowned Thought Leaders

A Monthly LIVE Workshops with world renowned thought leaders like Martha Beck, Cathy Heller, and so many more!

I Love Myself Most ~ Body Journey

Sharing journeys of health, food, fitness + body love.

The Weekly Gathering

Come together for a weekly LIVE session with Lead Mentor, Courtney Horvath where you'll to stay accountable to your dreams.

Bi-Monthly Book Club

Every 6-8 weeks, we'll choose a book that can make a difference in our lives

Writers Circle

Support for those working on personal blogging + memoir writing

Share Your Stories

Benefit from the group's experiences + best transformational practices

Find Inspiration

Be uplifted through thought-provoking conversations + SUPPORT each and every day

Find Soul-Mate Supporters

Form friendships that last a lifetime with people who share your passion for living the path of transformation




Get almost 2 months FREE!

  • Monthly LIVE Workshop with Sheri Salata
  • Monthly Masterclass with world renowned thought leaders
  • The Weekly Gathering - weekly accountability meeting
  • Bi-Monthly Book Club
  • Writers Circle
  • Consistent Daily Support
  • YEARLY MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Get almost 2 months free!



  • Monthly LIVE Workshop with Sheri Salata
  • Monthly Masterclass with world renowned thought leaders
  • The Weekly Gathering - weekly accountability meeting
  • Bi-Monthly Book Club
  • Writers Circle
  • Consistent Daily Support



Dreaming can feel fraught with uncomfortable emotions. We attempt to throw our imagination upstream but find ourselves swept back by the eddies of the past—the why nots and what-ifs and WTFs. Our unfinished business seems to taunt us when we get too close to truth. So we try to shut it out with routine, smother it with layers of comfort and security, banish it with busyness, cheese, cocktails, or anything else that does the job.

Maybe you’ve put up a facade of contentment, because deep down you’re afraid to say, “I want more.”  

So the real question is, are you brave enough to want your heart’s desires?

Are you daring enough to believe that you can have, be, or do what you want? 

You don’t have to do this alone. Be brave with me, and let’s build lives we love inside The Support System.

Love +



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