We bring together women (+ men) in the middle of life

who may feel stuck + un-inspired, to join us in building a transformed vision for themselves; to release limiting beliefs, to rewrite their stories, to discover soulmate friendships, to stir the fires of hope + possibility so that they can release what’s not working + manifest an abundant joyous new dream for the rest of their lives.




At 56 years old I realized I had manifested the career of my dreams (Executive Producer of The Oprah Show) but not the life of my dreams. I chronicled all of this in my best-selling memoir, The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence and Transformation. Since then, I’ve committed to living my life on the path of transformation. I’ve become a trustworthy steward of my own well being as I focus on the question that guides my life ~ in how many ways can I rise? That’s why I’ve founded The Support System. To bring people who may have lost hope into a system of support + upliftment so they can dial up the joy + re-imagine the next part of their lives.

What you’ll get inside

The Support System:

Monthly Membership Events

A Monthly Interactive Workshop with founder, Sheri Salata, focusing on the theme of the month.

A Monthly Masterclass with a Leading Expert handpicked by Sheri.

The Weekly Gathering

Come together for a weekly event to stay accountable to your dreams - hosted by Lead Mentor, Courtney Horvath

Private Circle for The Course Graduates

Exclusive section for graduates of Sheri’s Signature 12 week virtual experience 

Bi-Monthly Book Club

Every 6-8 weeks, we'll choose a book that can make a difference in our lives

Writers Circle

Support for those working on personal blogging + memoir writing

Make Better Decisions About Your Life

Each month we’ll focus on a theme that activates new energy + ideas

Share Your Stories

Benefit from the group's experiences + best transformational practices

Find Inspiration

Be uplifted through thought-provoking conversations + SUPPORT each and every day

Find Soul-Mate Supporters

Form friendships that last a lifetime with people who share your passion for living the path of transformation


Join The Support System

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