The Course is a once-in-a-lifetime, 12-week immersive course that unleashes the power of four focused steps that begin to heal the shame that’s kept you stuck, breakthrough the ruts that are keeping you in place and conquer the limiting beliefs that hold you back from showing up in the world with more authenticity, more courage.

When you rewrite your story, you transform your life. When you learn how to tell yourself a new story about your life, you can transform every single bit of your life experience. From the big picture vision to the day-to-day, this 12 week experience is the single most powerful way we know to build a sustainable foundation for ongoing transformation.




Where are you starting from?  You’ll learn how to conduct a tender reckoning of your life. How did you get here? Where have you succeeded? Where is there room for a new dream? 




Many of us are going through the motion of our lives on autopilot. We are doing hundreds of actions a day that are impacting the quality of our lives. Here is where you learn new tools for uplifted living.




Now you’ll learn to rewrite the stories of your life. The stories that may have held you back in the past. With new eyes and the beginning of a whole new belief system you will set your course by a new compass and create your own rules for a happy life.




This is where it all comes together. You learn to mine for your gems of wisdom where there once were wounds. You learn how to edit your life and focus on your dreams. And for those who dream of publishing your own. 

Intimate. Powerful. Transformative.

  • During this 12-week experience you’ll connect with your deepest truths while being supported and nurtured by a safe, private, like-hearted community. 

  • You’ll learn how to set your personal life compass; create your own power mantra and discover your customized rules for a happy life.

  • Throughout this transformational experience you’ll build a personal connection with author, producer, and transformation guide, Sheri Salata, one of the most prolific storytellers in media.











In just twelve weeks... 

YOU WILL transform into the most fearless version of yourself, showing up boldly & authentically in the world.


YOU WILL  learn how to begin manifesting your dreams.


YOU WILL learn how to stop procrastinating.


YOU WILL learn how to choose esteemable practices that fill your worthiness cup.


YOU WILL learn how to create sacred time and space for yourself.


YOU WILL learn how to launch a new phase of your life with confidence.


YOU WILL learn how to listen to your inner voice and let your soul help guide you.

YOU WILL learn how to evolve your career dreams to align with your purpose.


YOU WILL unleash your inner fire and put your heart on the page.


Hear from Graduates of The Course


It blew my mind away every single day, every single week, the energy, the magic, the vulnerability, the sharing, the friendships, the bonds, all of it. 

— Janine D.

Oh my God. I'm so glad I did it, I'm so glad I did it- it's been just life changing.  It's a mind, body, soul kind of transformation.

— Hope V.


It was a thousand times more amazing than I ever thought it could have been. I never ever expected to have these kinds of feelings and emotions.

— Jennifer T.


The biggest takeaway for me is that it's never too late~I have the next 50 years to do something completely different and why would I just settle where I am now? I'm just hitting my stride.

—  Kristin B.


I keep a notebook of Sheri-isms! This is the therapy I didn’t know I needed–it’s been unburdening and that’s good.

— Debra G


I'm so excited that after doing 12 weeks of this, I finally do feel like I am back in alignment with myself. And I feel like I have a cleanness and a transparency with myself about what the next right step is to do.

—  Dan B.


I had these great aha moments~all of a sudden I have all these tools~it's been such a great momentum to get going again and feel like I’m not dead inside.

—  Carrie H.


I would recommend–The Course–to anybody that wants to open themselves up, learn new things about themselves on a transformation journey. Sheri held that space for us and she can hold the space for anybody, she can. So it is for anybody that wants to move forward with their life.

—  Rebecca H.












A personal message from Sheri 


Hello Friend!

I hope you’ll say a big “yes” to yourself and join me for a thrilling walk toward your brand new future. 

The Course is one of the most powerful, most life changing things I have ever created or produced. 

Yes, there will be succinct easy-to-follow modules with reading and writing exercises. You will love that part because the reading is JUICY and the exercises are going to flip the script of your life to begin manifesting all those buried dreams. 

That alone is a spectacular foundation but the secret sauce of this program will be the twenty-one LIVE workshops you and I spend together. I’m going to personally link arms with you, open my heart and walk with you step-by-step through this 12-week journey. Together, you and I are going to co-create your own “Beautiful No” experience like the one I had and wrote about in my best-selling memoir, The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence and Transformation. 

 Trust me, the time will fly as you feel your passion for life re-emerge, your belief in what is possible expand, your desire for joy grow bigger than ever before. 

And at the end of The Course , you will have in your hands Your Operating Manual – a full color illustrated life guide, designed by you, complete with your life compass, your esteemable practices, your power mantra and your customized Rules for a Happy Life

Some of you will have begun working on your own memoirs or professional blogs because you’ll see just how powerful transformational storytelling is –

And last, the group you’ll be on this journey with comes together magically as you’ll see. In it, you will find new supportive friendships that can last a lifetime as you continue to walk the path of transformation together.

I hope you’ll come with us.

Love +



Are you building obstacles out of excuses or procrastinating because of a fear?


Perhaps you’re telling yourself certain things in order to NOT make your dreams of transforming your life come true. Things like:

  1. I don’t know where to begin. It feels overwhelming.

  2. I feel like it’s too late and I should just accept things as they are.

  3. I’m not good at writing about myself.

  4. I don’t have time.

  5. I don’t believe I can change anything.

  6. I’m too busy to take time to do this for myself.

  7. Or you find ways to continually rationalize the words “I can’t...

Isn’t NOW the perfect time to break through those limiting beliefs?  

Hear from recent alumni of The Course.


Who Says???? 

  1. Who says you are too old to make your dreams come true?

  2. Who says you can’t live your own ultimate joyride?

  3. Who says you can’t have the body, the love, the career, the life you want?

  4. Who says you can’t transform your life at 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 years old?

Whether it’s because of subliminal or not so subliminal messages from a youth obsessed culture or your own hidden beliefs of unworthiness, we are going to shatter what’s kept you stuck and support you in re-visioning what matters to you most. From the big picture to the daily details, you will have a way forward that you design with new tools and a brand new shift in perspective.

You will literally FEEL different about the possibilities for your life. And when you feel different, MAGIC walks through the door.


Why take the 
The Course now?

  • Because if last year showed us anything, it’s that “being” is more fulfilling than frenetic “doing” ~ so many of us are craving a new way of living our lives.
  • Because this year, more than any other in recent history, is a chance to re-vision your life and dream it to a whole new level.
  • Because as you build those new dreams for your life you must become equipped with new tools to manifest those dreams.
  • Because it’s time to discover the “unlived” corners of your life, face the shadows, and blast them with the light of possibility.

Are you ready to Transform Your Life?













About Sheri Salata


Sheri Salata, former Executive Producer of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Co-President of Harpo Studios and OWN, is an award winning storyteller and an inspirational transformation guide.

Sheri began her career with Oprah Winfrey, the most celebrated woman in media, as an entry level promotions producer and ultimately rose to steer the strategic and creative direction of the most renowned talk show in television history. Leading an Emmy award-winning team, Sheri touched the lives of millions around the world as they broke cultural barriers and advanced the show’s mission of enlightenment and understanding. Sheri-who Arianna Huffington once described as “the visionary behind the visionary”- also appeared regularly  in the acclaimed thirty hour docuseries, Season 25: Oprah Behind the Scenes, chronicling the historic final season.

 Sheri’s memoir, The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence and Transformation is an Amazon best-selling release and an Apple Must-Listen audio book. Sheri has been named one of Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business, The Hollywood Reporter’s Women in Entertainment Power 100 and a Feminist Press Power Award Winner.

Sheri’s 12-week transformational experience ~ The Course ~ has been called an emotional, entertaining, profoundly intimate; wildly upleveling once-in-a-lifetime transformational journey.

Here’s what today’s thought-leaders say about Sheri and her method of storytelling:


“Sheri is a spectacular storyteller who will take you from laughing out loud to misty eyed and tearing up.  Most importantly you will leave inspired to live a more meaningful and mindful life.” 

-JJ Virgin, Health and Wellness Icon 

“A mix of entertaining, raw, inspirational, empowering, and exceptionally funny, Sheri leaves us wanting more. Sheri delivers fantastic stories with strong takeaways— insights about finding your purpose and passion. About living life on your own terms.” 

-Erica Diamond, CEO Women on the Fence

“Authenticity. We know it when we see it, but how do we cultivate that in writing? What captivated me about Sheri’s voice as a writer is how cozy it is. The Beautiful No is the “Hygge” of personal storytelling. She whispers her stories in your ear with an undeniable and magnetic truth. With deft intimacy and authenticity, her stories become our stories.” 

-Angela Lauria, CEO The Author Incubator

“Wildly funny and vulnerable, authentic and accessible, Sheri provides heartfelt life lessons with passion, possibility and love.”

-Arielle Ford, Thought Leader and Bestselling Author

“Wise and witty, Sheri uses humor as a conduit for the truth. Her incredible career speaks for itself, yet her grace and humility allow us to see our own journey in hers, giving us hope that we may too, find a way to change the world.”

-Jeff Krasno, Co-Founder Wanderlust

What world famous authors and influencers are saying about Sheri’s memoir...



“A roadmap for transformation-an honest, funny and soulful look at what it really means to take stewardship over your own existence. This book will bring help and hope to so many people.”

– Elizabeth Gilbert - Eat, Pray, Love


“Read this book and be inspired to embark on your own journey of emotional and spiritual fulfillment.

– Deepak Chopra


“Bracingly honest, tender-hearted, profoundly human.”

– Dani Shapiro - Inheritance: A memoir of Genealogy, Paternity and Love


“A beautifully written page-turner that had me hooked.”

– Arielle Ford - Soulmate Secret


“The Beautiful No delivers courage, honesty and contagious reflection.”

– Nate Berkus


“...nothing short of magical.”

– Jeremiah Brent



The Course - Key Features

Video Training with Sheri Salata including easy to follow PDF’s, tools, and systems

Access to downloadable audio and video transcripts. 

21-LIVE Workshops with Sheri featuring Q + A and breakout sessions with The Course community.

Custom Spotify Playlists - Sheri’s inspiration for storytelling + transformation

Access your content from anywhere, anytime


While - The Course - challenges you to create time and space for yourself, accessibility is a top priority. All materials are downloadable, including transcripts of the LIVE’s. We also include audio-only download options so you can take it with you on the go!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How is - The Course - delivered?

Each week you’ll gain access to a fresh module including videos, pdf’s, and exercises, including a link to the LIVE Q + A Workshops with Sheri for that week.

2. How much time will it take?

We suggest you look at these 12-weeks as your chance to incubate your sacred dream. Make the course one of your priorities. This is a once in a lifetime chance to make that dream of yours real! Ultimately, you decide how much time you want to spend, and the good news is that if you are in a crunch you’ll be able to download all of the course materials including transcripts of the LIVE workshops. More good news! There will be audio only downloads for everything so you can take the course “on the go.”

3. Will I fit in with the community?

The Course is a safe zone. The energy required is vulnerable and real. Sheri says, “ Meet me with the same level of vulnerability that I bring to you and we will have an unforgettable transformational experience.


The Curriculum


3 Bonus Weeks:

 Our Memoir Style Writing Course for Everyone at Every Level

For the last three weeks you’ll have access to a fun and very valuable bonus course inside The Course while integrating all you’ve learned so far.

I share the techniques that helped me finally publish a best-selling book. (I recorded the audio book too!) I’ll also reveal some of my favorite writing secrets + tricks that I developed during my years at The Oprah Show

Here’s how the The Course works

 1. Communication 

Once you register and reserve your seat, you’ll receive an email  from Sheri with all the information you need to welcome you and prepare you for class.

2. Access 

Beginning Sunday-June 6th at NOON PST and for the following 11 Sundays we’ll release an easy to follow module that contains the videos and pdfs you need to complete the lessons for that week.

  • You’ll also receive the Zoom links for that week’s LIVE workshops.
  • Weeks 1-9 feature two LIVE sessions per week.
  • Weeks 10-12 feature one LIVE session per week.
  • A total of 21-LIVE workshops

3. We’re breaking this down step by step. 

We’ll begin with some basics to get you comfortable. Then we’ll dive deeper. You got this!

4. You learn at your own pace. 

What you take away in The Course , you can work on for a lifetime. Everything is downloadable with easy to follow transcripts and PDFs.

5. We’re in this together.

The 21-LIVE interactive workshops with Sheri are the secret sauce to this experience. In these workshops you will ask questions, share stories, and participate in breakout sessions with what promises to be a truly special group. This is where you will find inspiration, support and the chance to build meaningful relationships that will be ongoing.

Save Your Seat!

Enrollment will be limited and the class will close soon!

Let’s move your dreams from your bucket list to your LIFE list, and begin building them NOW!


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Here’s everything you get with 

The Course

  • 12-weekly modules with easy to follow lessons, PDFs, all transcribed and downloadable
  • 21-LIVE Workshops with Sheri Salata
  • A bonus 3-week memoir-style writing course inside The Course
  • Access to the course from any device so you can experience it anywhere, anytime
  • Breakout sessions with an enthusiastic storytelling community of like-minded students.

Plus The Course Toolkit Delivered to Your DOOR

The Course Yeti Tumbler doesn’t everyone love a good Yeti? 
The Course Notebook – unlined pages with a lot of room to write your new story. 
The Pencils with Sharpener
– a Sheri fave.
The Course Tote to keep all of your materials in one place. 
Plus: Your own 
hardcover copy of Sheri’s best-selling memoir-The Beautiful No: And Other Tales of Trial, Transcendence and Transformation ~ inside the book, you’ll find a bookplate that Sheri signed for you.

What You Get

21 - 75 Minute Workshops

$350 x 21 = $7350.00 USD

3 Week Bonus Memoir-Style Writing course

$1500.00 USD

The Course Toolkit

$150.00 USD

Pay in Full $2497 USD


6 monthly payments - $435 USD (total $2610 USD)

12 monthly payments - $225 USD (total $2700 USD)






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